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    Hi I found this petrified bone about 10 years ago at pigeon lake Alberta. I dug it up in a yard. Was wondering what it’s from. #fossil

    • The formation around Pigeon Lake is the Paskapoo Formation, which in from the Paleogene. However, this looks a lot like an ungulate limb bone like from a bison.

    • Oh wow that’s cool.

    • The Paskapoo can be narrowed even further to the Paleocene of the Paleogene, which would make it too old for bison or other large ungulates. Its unlikely a large bone of that age would be dug up in such pristine condition without any preparation. This would suggest it is a modern bone and not a fossil.

    • It’s a canon bone or toe bone of would probably be a bison. I just found a cow one in Lake Winnebago.

    • In humans it would be the long finger or toe bones right after the wrist or ankle. The two joints on the bottom will lead to the last bone then hoof.

    • This is most likely a modern cow bone. I have many on my farm/ranch.