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    Kevin Kelly has contributed specimen mFeM 63184 to myFOSSIL!

    • @Bill-Heim or @VPerez, can you help with the ID of this specimen?

    • That preservation is pretty poor and unlike most of the material I’ve seen from Shark Tooth Hill. My best guess would be Carcharodon hastalis, but it’s possible it is Carcharodon planus. Safest bet would be to just identify it to the genus level as Carcharodon.

      • Done

        • Thanks Kevin. Very nice photos by the way!

          • Thanks Victor. Curious – are there any guidelines for the ‘right’ way to shoot the different types of shark teeth. I’ve seen in papers that many are shot “front & back”, others are shot “left side / right side” — What are the established best practices?

            • I’m not aware of a document with specific guidelines, but you’ve got the right idea. Generally speaking, the “front and back” are sufficient. The scientific terms for front and back are the lingual (towards the tongue) and labial (towards the lip) views. The side view (or profile view) is typically done when you want to show the thickness of the tooth or the curvature of the crown. For some species, you may also take a basal view to get a different view of the root. Long story short though, in most cases, just taking the front and back views is sufficient.

            • Very cool, THANK YOU.

    • Marking this research grade, @Kevin-Kelly! Thank you for your great specimens!