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    Does anyone know any good documentaries on prehistory I could watch? I’ve seen the walking with and planet of series’s and I feel like I’ve watched everything on YouTube. Anything else? (And not those cheap junk ones a real quality documentary where you are impressed and learn new things).

    • Have you seen David Attenborough’s Life on Earth series (1979)? A classic that everyone should see along with the rest of the Life series. My favorite parts are the beautiful shots of fossils.

    • Attenborough makes great dino documentaries. Watch Flying Monsters, Attenborough and the sea dragon, Attenborough and the giant dinosaur

    • also watch Primeval and Prehistoric Park. not really documentaries, but made by the same people who made the Walking With series

    • Did you watch the WHOLE walking with… series? There’s Dinosaurs, Beasts, Monsters and Cavemen.

    • There is a series called Chased By Dinosaurs l think. It’s a spinoff of Walking With Dinosaurs or something, l never watched it

    • A reeeeaaaallly important one is Planet Dinosaur. You must not die until you watch it

    • Dinosaur-13 too

    • I’ve seen the walking with series and a few of the Attenborough ones, but I’ll check out the other ones. Thank you!

    • First Life is another David Attenborough documentary. If you like the Ediacaran and Cambrian, this is for you. Lost Worlds Vanished Lives concerns all the periods, and has one of my favourite scenes in a David attenborough documentary

    • l think this is enough to keep you glued to the television for at least a month. Feel free to ask when you want more stuff to watch

    • Great courses has a bunch of stuff. You can get a month subscription and cancel if you don’t like it.