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    Lee Cone has contributed specimen mFeM 49248 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi Lee! If you still have this specimen, do you think you could take labial and lingual photos with a scale bar and add some more of the geological context?

      • Hi Fauve- that is an old photo (maybe 4 years ago), but I remember it well. It is a ground shot of a C. megalodon tooth that was found on the lower portion of Danial Island, SC (near Charleston). The tooth was float material from the Cooper River that was dredged onto a land dredge site on the island. The tooth has some damage due to the dredge auger, but because it is a position A-1 tooth with a very large root, I have repaired it and use it as a display tooth for outreach. I certainly can send pictures of both labial and lingual sides, but it is repaired.

    • Kingdom is Animalia Family should be Otodontidae Just need the species (megalodon) for specific epithet