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    Lisa Schenk has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • @mackenzie_smith could this be a butternut?

    • Dang not sure how to tag people here

    • @gloria-carr You tagged me! 😀 An email notification get’s sent when you @ someone but we are working at trying to get it to be obvious in the app. Juglans bergomensis (the butternut that Steve and I described from the Astoria) has a ribbed shell so it’s not that. It’s hard to interpret if this is a 5 loculole fruit or a weird fracture causing us to see a combination of locuoles and lacunae. There is a smooth butternut from Oligocene rocks near SEATAC called Juglans lacunosa though we are now uncertain of it’s actual relationship within the walnuts due to a possible secondary septum revealed by CT scans. If this is J. lacunosa this would be it’s first occurance in the Miocene and in Oregon.

    • @mackenzie-smith what should I do with this then, is there someone you recommend I should send it to?

    • Very cool, thanks

    • @lisa-schenk You can keep it! Idk how much time Steve has left on the machine here and I also need to crank out more Clarno leaf descriptions. If you want to you can show this to Jim Goedert at the Burke. Friday Harbor now has a CT scan so it’d just be a matter of finding someone who has funding and time on the machine that would be interested. Also, as a side note, you can see the dehiscent suture on the left!

    • thank you @mackenzie-smith 🙂 it looks like there’s another suture on the right too?

    • Yes!