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    Found on a Dry Dredgers field trip in May 2016. I really wish I took better field notes of the location, though! Maybe some knowledgeable Dry Dredgers can help narrow down the lithostratigraphy, though? My field trip book is in my office at the University of Florida, which is still closed due to the hurricane. @jkallmeyer, @kyle-hartshorn, thoughts?

    • *Vinlandostrophia* sp., possibly *Vinlandostrophia ponderosa* based on the size (though not necessarily). Was this from our June mini-conference trip, or the May Dry Dredgers trip? If the former, it was most likely from Day 1, Stop 2 (Corryville Member of the Grant Lake Formation) or Day 3, Stop 1 (Bellevue or Corryville Members of the Grant Lake Formation). If the latter, it was Kope Formation, based on the writeup here:

      • Shoot, this was from the June mini-conference trip–I got my dates all confused in my head! Pretty sure it was Day 1, Stop 2, because I remember picking up this one right by a very slippery drainage channel near the van. Thanks for the help, Kyle!