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    Mason Hintermeister has contributed specimen mFeM 76244 to myFOSSIL!

    • Xenorophidae is listed as Oligocene from North and South Carolina. I am not aware of Oligocene marine deposits in Virginia.

    • @bill-heim The Old church formation is marine Oligocene. This exact site is a secret held by the CMM paleo dive team which I volunteer with (though not as a diver). I found this breaking down material brought up from the river. Bobby Boessenecker IDed it (see field notes for quote). Since cetacean material from the oligocene is rare, I’ve asked the CMM collections manager if they could use it. I await an answer.

    • @vperez It’s almost certain I’m going to donate this, apparently Dr. Boessenecker is doing revisions on cetaceans of the Old Church FM and he’d like to add this one to the paper (yay!).

    • Hi Mason, nice find! Since this is likely destined for a museum collection, I won’t mark it as research grade to avoid duplicate records on GBIF, but I’ll mark it as curated so that people can still view it as a reference on the eMuseum. One thing you can do is print a specimen label, which will have all the associated data you entered on here. You could then provide that with the donation, so the museum will have the eMuseum specimen # and all the associated data.

    • You are correct, I have actually collected in the Old Church formation, I forgot about that. Best find was a bird coracoid.