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    Mason Hintermeister has contributed specimen mFeM 76671 to myFOSSIL!

    • @mackenzie-smith can you confirm the ID on this one?

    • @vperez I can’t zoom in to see if there are agrophics. It doesn’t look like it though (which is good for the Acer ID).The other possibility would be Platanus. The sinus between the center and adjacent lobes seems acute which is more Acer like and I don’t see any Platanaceae species in Japan (quick search though). @indah-huegele or @bob-spielbauer spend a lot of time on Platanaceae so they would be better at confirming/denying. I will not though that Aceraceae is no longer a family though it was until recent years. Instead it became a part of Sapindaceae. @mason-hintermeister

    • @mackenzie-smith @vperez it’s definitely NOT Platanus. I thought it looks more like Acer, but it is difficult to be totally certain without better preservation of the veins. It might also be Liquidambar… but I would lean towards Acer.