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    Matthew Gramling has contributed specimen mFeM 71081 to myFOSSIL!

    • I is that depicting a mastodon cliff drive for Neolithic tribe

    • Hey @mike-steinhorst , I am afraid there are no mastodon or Neolithic tribes related to this specimen. It’s 430 million years old, so human or any other mammalian species activity is precluded.

    • Greetings @nathan-newell ! I was wondering if I could get your input as to what this specimen might be? The small hole in the top reveals a skeletal structure like a corallum, but it’s an especially peculiar specimen

    • @matthew-gramling This is a weird one! The parallel lines toward the edges are throwing me. Maybe it is a coral or a bryozoan colony or something. This is one of those fossils that I’d like to chop in half with a rock saw and see what’s inside. 😀