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    Matthew Gramling has contributed specimen mFeM 82143 to myFOSSIL!

    • Greetings @smoran ! Another specimen for your review.

    • Ur lucky I can’t find crap fossils in KY

    • Greetings @seth-degenhardt ! I’ve seen some pretty amazing posts from other Kentuckians on here, especially for Carboniferous fossils. I’d suggest checking local fossil forums for sites to go to and getting a geology app like Rockd. That should help hopefully! Roadside exposures can be a good legal place to collect. Just make sure they aren’t on an interstate.

    • This one I’m struggling with @matthew-gramling. I’m just not seeing any diagnostic features in the photos that would allow me to narrow it down. If I were looking at it in person, I could probably hazard a guess, but I think it’s a little too fragmentary to say much of anything from the photos. Sorry about that!

    • Thank you @smoran ! Understandable and I appreciate the attempt. I have a sneaking suspicion tortoise is involved since the box which contained the specimen had pieces of tortoise shell I’m pretty sure I collected near where I found this specimen.

    • There are certainly some views that made me think that it is tortoise, but a few others had me leaning towards a mammalian long bone.