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    Matthew Gramling has contributed specimen mFeM 99080 to myFOSSIL!

    • @nathan-newell Any idea regarding taxonomy?

    • @matthew-graham Hi, Matthew! First of all, that’s a great fossil! I love all the brachiopods on it. I’m assuming you’re asking about the smooth darker gray fossil. My guess is that it is a brachiopod because I’m assuming the dip is the midline depression that are seen on many brachiopods. The smoothness of the shell is throwing me, though. I think it’s possible that this is a Dielasma shell, but it’s tough to tell for sure because the matrix seems to be hiding the shell’s shape.

      My other thought was that this is an ostracod, but I don’t think ostracods have such prominent depressions. I hope that helps!

    • Thanks @nathan-newell! I have collected several specimens such as this one. The other specimens are usually a modified heart shape.