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    So here’s my current fossil photo setup. The stuff I incorporated from the workshop include: 1)Velvet back drop: I got a necklace hanger because that’s the only flat velvet thing that Michael’s had, but it works pretty well. It shows all kinds of dust, though; I need to figure out how to clean it. 2) Secondary light source: In this case, I’m using…[Read more]

    • I agree with the velvet showing every speck of dust. The way we use it in our photo lab is just to have a good solid flat background with no reflection so that in the processing of the image, we have an easier time removing the background and placing it on a digital, black background. Perhaps a lint roller? Or a quick pass through the dryer?

      • @jeanette-pirlo I tried a lint roller and it works for picking up the little bits of stuff, but it can’t pick up the dust for some reason. The dryer might work, but this is a necklace stand so I can’t throw it in. It might be easier to just remove any smudges digitally, like you all do.

    • @jess-cost A lint roller hasn’t worked all that well for me, but I wonder if the smudges are really oil or something from my hands instead of dust particles.