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    • Sponge?

    • It looks like a Conularid fossil

    • I’ve never heard of a conularid. It’s hard to tell as it’s been flattened and broken at the end, but the area it was found was a coral reef during the Silurian so it would make sense I suppose.

    • Look up images of Conularia. They are related to corals. I found something similar in Devonian limestone in NY.

    • Looking at images of various Conulariid fossils, I don’t think this is one. The seams that separate each segment are straight where the conulariid’s follow a wave-like pattern and the segments are thinner and more numerous. The only other suggestion I’ve seen for this besides Crinoid fragment, is the siphuncle of an Orthocone cephalopod. Thoughts?

    • crinoid

    • or horn coral

    • The Oakdale and Cheesemans Creek Formation are the major geological units surrounding Borenore. They both date back to the Ordovician period.

    • That’s true but this photo was taken at the Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve which is in the Mumbil Group undifferentiated sediments dated Wenlock – Lochkovian from my understanding.