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    International collaboration – The Etches Collection at the forefront of academic research.


    The Etches Collection continues to be at the forefront of academic research with the latest technical paper in the ‘Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.’ The article showcased top academic researchers from the University of Southampton and the Instituto de Ciencias Geológicas in Uruguay and featured the world-renowned palaeontologist, Dr. Steve Etches MBE, our museum founder, and head of collections. Along with the likes of Pablo Toriño, Shane Gausden, Kathryn Rankin, John Marshall and Neil Gostling.


    The abstract from the article explains the topic of study of a large mawsoniid coelacanth from the lower part of the marine Kimmeridge Clay Formation of England (Kimmeridgian, Upper Jurassic). The material that is on display at the Etches Collection is constituted by a group of bones from the head and shoulder girdle of a considerably large individual, with an estimated length of 1.5 metres, including the left angular, left dentary, left prearticular, left palatoquadrate complex, both ceratohyals and right cleithrum.