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    I needed to ask a question about fossil hunting. There is a long creek near my house with steep embankments and an average depth of 2-5 feet. It has a mostly fine sandy bottom, and very clear water with a slow current. I was wondering if this could be a good source of fossils, and if it could be a good place to look. I know that Michigan is a rich source of Devonian age fossil sea life, and I live in the southeast. If there are any suggestions on better types of places I should look, that would be much obliged.

    • Greetings, @noah-nowicki! Whenever there is greater surface area (such as a creek bed) there is a higher probability of exposed fossils. By the sound of it, that site is a perfect area to access fossils, but I would check state and local paleontology resources. I surmise there are plenty of guidebooks and there should be USGS reports as well. If you see that your general location has good fossils, then I would at least give it a try. Happy fossil hunting!

    • Thanks, I’ll see what I can do!