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    Patrick Hsieh has contributed specimen mFeM 89389 to myFOSSIL!

    • @patrick-hsieh and @mackenzie-smith same with this one!

    • Hi @patrick-hsieh. This is interesting! The scales resemble Picea (spruce) which does have a Cretaceous record though I’d be surprised to see it in this assemblage given what you have shown me previously. It could have come down from higher elevation I guess. The scales are overlapping in a helical pattern which is why I’m leaning towards that diagnosis.

    • @mackenzie-smith At this locality, I found 3 distinct fossil bearing zones. At the bottom is a carbonized zone resembling lignite. Above the lignite layer is a compressed vegetation layer, which is where this specimen is from. Above this is a gray fine-grained mudstone which is where the fern came from. Above that layer is a tan sandstone layer which is where and were found. If you ever find yourself in Wyoming, I would highly recommend that you check the site out.

    • @patrick-hsieh Thanks! Will do! One of my friends is working on the Yellowstone flora and I have a professor on my advisory committee who does a lot of work with mammals in the Big Horn Basin so it will probably be feasible in the near future once Covid is over. Scott Wing at the Smithsonian does a lot of paleobotanical work in the Big Horn Basin.