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    • Carcharodon hubbelli (transitional species) very rare, very nice most of them come from Peru. Specimen number is that from a museum collection? In which case it cannot be as research grade as it already has a unique identifier. You can get an exact coordinate location off of Google Maps.

    • @bill-heim The specimen number is my own naming scheme for specimens in my personal collection. I have the coordinates from a GPS app from my smartphone, I just didn’t include it since the website is visible to the public and @kevin-kelly is doing a survey of the sharks at that locality with the LA County Natural History Museum. This will be eventually donated to the museum’s collection as I understand they don’t have a good collection of teeth from that locality. The Pico Formation has been variously dated from lower Pliocene to late Pliocene-Pleistocene. If the younger dating is correct, would it extend the timeframe it existed significantly?