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    • Hi Penny. Looking at some geological maps of the region you are likely in rock from the Carboniferous Period (259-299 Ma). The striations make me think it’s plant. Some candidates may include Calamites (though this would be one of my last picks since I do not see any nodes), Psaronius (a tree fern) or Cordaites (an ancient conifer). If you upload a picture of that broken side on the left for a cross section I might be able to tell. Cross sections can sometimes have cellular detail which is more informative than the outside of a stem. However, it is possible that it didn’t preserve.

    • Thank you for the great information. Ok here is another pic. I can try again in the sunlight tomorrow if you need more.

    • After looking – I don’t think the cross section fossilized 🙁

    • I’m not 100% sure but I’m leaning more to Cordaites since it would have bark. I would need to compare it with known/ID’ed Cordaites wood with external preservation.

    • Thank you! I’m thrilled to know all of this!