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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m Rachel. I currently teach in South Los Angeles, CA. I work with both high school seniors and freshman. I teach STEM for the seniors (12 grade) and I teach a class called the living earth, which involves earth science and biology for freshman (9th grade). I earned my bachelor of science in general biology and earned a masters in curriculum and instruction, which I use in my teaching profession. Since I have primarily studied cellular biology, genetics and ecology, I am looking forward to learning more about earth’s formations and fossils. I actually don’t have any experience with fossils other than the exposure that I received at the fossils for teachers program that I attended last August. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of fossils and taking all of that content and material back to my students! As for my lesson ideas, I am going to implement the fossil lesson I developed in my classroom as we study evidence for evolution. I am excited to expand on the lesson or develop new lessons based on the things I learn from this experience! Hope to see you all soon!


    Rachel Aguilar

    • Thanks for joining us Rachel! Even though you are new to paleontology, your background in ecology will be very helpful in understanding the GABI. Understanding the paleoenvironment is important because it helps us understand the types of species that could have lived there. Our present day Florida location is very different from our New Mexico location, but we have the potential of finding very similar animals in both places. This helps us infer what the environment was like! I look forward to seeing you further develop your lessons, and help flesh out any new lessons you come up with during the experience!