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    Shells #fossil

    • Do you have any more information about where this was found? If so, we can use tools like macrostrat: to figure out how old this rock is – very helpful information for IDing these awesome specimens!

      • This piece and the other photos that reference Brookville Indiana were located along the east fork of the whitewater river which runs from the bottom of Brookville reservoir (spillway) south to the whitewater river. I have heard that the large cut into the hillside west of the dam, which is clearly visible in satellite photos, may cut through multiple time periods and should contain a good sampling of specimens. I haven’t investigated it yet but hope to soon.
        I’ve collected fossils for years but am really still very much a beginner on what things are and from what period of time.
        After coming across this site I’m excited about learning , hunting for more and posting some photos of my continuing collection.
        Sorry for the multiple postings trying to show different views of specimens. After posting I figured out how to attach multiple photos to the same posting.

    • I love fossil mashes like this. Cool find!

    • I see vinlandostrophia and Strophomena. Definitely upper Ordovician.

    • Thanks