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    • Fossilized bone fragments, the two middle look like water creatures teeth, maybe a shark. The outside ones look teeth of a small land dwelling carnivore, or maybe juvenile larger creature. The two small pieces in the middle are probably bone (if it sticks to the tongue it is bone).

    • The uppermost rock is possibly a tree or bone, fossilized with sand, that turned to an Agatite- type rock.

    • @robin-duffield cool finds! For proper identification, each specimen needs have its own post! Pictures of specimen should be taken against a neutral background with a scale for reference (and multiple angles if needed). @vperez or @bill-heim might be able to help with the teeth ID!

    • @mackenzie-ross-2 Thanks, I had no idea. I will re load these in that format.

    • Sharks do not have bones. Their skeleton is made of cartilage like the end of your nose. Occasionally the vertebra which are made of reinforced cartilage will fossilize but your bones are not those. The teeth are from sharks not land animals.

    • Is the rock at the top unusually light?

    • Thanks @bill-heim ! The top rock is some kind of agate, I think? The large round fossil is a hip or femur of something which I would love to know what. I know the middle two pieces are bone as well presumably from a land mammal but maybe marine? The large tooth is a Mako and not sure what the little sharks teeth belong to.

    • If the rock was unusually light it could have been amber, but if it has the weight of a typical rock, then it probably is agate, if so, it is not a fossil. The round rock at the middle right does not look like a fossil. The bone at the middle left would need more picture angles to identify what kind of bone it is. The 2 pieces in the middle are probably chunks of rib bone not further identifiable.