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    Also found in South Texas again not sure what it is it looks like some kind of fossil to me or bone I’m not sure if anybody knows it’d be much appreciated #fossil

    • Sorry, I see no indication of this being a fossil.

    • I also think that this is not a fossil

    • It’s just a rock

    • It looks like old sun bleached bone. I carve animal skulls for a living and a lot of the pieces people give me are barn finds that have set out in the sun. If it feels slick and chalky, it’s a piece of bone. It will flake and you can scrape it with your nail and leave a mark. I’ve had to chunk a few pieces like this. They won’t come clean and the bone is to degraded. That’s my guess from the picture. If your brave, you can always stick your tongue on it. Bone will stick to your tongue and fossils and rocks won’t.