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    Sarah Kulis has contributed specimen mFeM 111391 to myFOSSIL!

    • The trilobite in the right most picture is certainly in the order Phacopida. The location seems to be Penn-Dixie, so I would guess that it is Eldredgeops cf. rana. due to the pebbly texture of the glabella.

    • @patrick-hsieh thanks for that help. You got the location totally right. Is there any good resources to learn how to identify tribs?

    • @sarah-kulis This website gives a very good introduction to basic trilobite morphology and a key to the orders: Between that and a literature search on the formation you’re digging in, you have a good chance of at least ball-parking the ID. If you want to learn more about trilobites, one of the best resources is the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, published by the University of Kansas. Part O discusses the trilobites, but is currently being revised. Currently, only volume 1 of the revised edition has been published. You can buy them very reasonably priced from the University itself, or you can join the Paleontological Society for a nominal sum and get access to all volumes online for free.