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    Sarah Sampson has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi Sarah! How big is this specimen? Was it found in Harris County and not part of a spoil pile (pile of rocks not always from the same place)? This can help us ID your fossil.

    • It is about 4”x4”. I found it in my landscaping 😬. I live in Montgomery County.

    • Looking at the USGS map for that area it looks like the surrounding rock is mostly Pliocene and younger meaning younger than 5 million (and mostly Pleistocene or “the Ice Ages”). However, if it was found in your garden that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily from there. A previous owner could have left it as a garden rock from somewhere else. Does the color amd texture of the rock match those that are found in your area? I ask because I have two guesses but cinflicted with both. It could be a mammoth tooth because of that pattern but I’ve never seen one in rock before. Usually I see them isolated. It could also be a stromatolite also because of the pattern but that would imply that this rock was moved from someplace else (either naturally or by humans) because these are marine photosynthetic bacteria.