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    • @semmy-nou Traditionally this has been classified as Orthoceras, however, a paper by Gnoli 2003 shows that there is high diversity in these sorts of straight cephalopods (squid-like creatures). I also read something that is restricting Orthoceras to the middle Ordovicean and cephalopods in other times have other names. This black limestone is common in NW Africa, particularly Morocco. It’s likely late Silurian to Devonian in age.

    • In short, while listed as Orthoceras by many dealers, it may be something else like Arionoceras or Michelinoceras.

    • @mackenzie-smith I think these are from the Baltic area. I think, if I remember correctly, true Orthoceras are only from this area in the Middle Ordovician. I’m not sure I’ve seen Moroccan black limestone but it could certainly exist.

    • It might be an trilobite

    • I have one very similar given as a gift. From Morocco, Orthoceras is what it is billed as.