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    Shannon Olczak has contributed specimen mFeM 84025 to myFOSSIL!

    • Very cool find @shannon-olczak, @mackenzie-smith might be able to help you narrow down the ID!

    • @shannon-olczak @mackenzie-ross-2 I believe this is a nodule from Mazon Creek (Formation name)? It would be Late Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian). Are these two separate specimens or are they two halves of the same specimen? If they are different, the first and second appear to be the seed fern (not true fern) Alethopteris. However, the last picture appears to have pinnules (sub-divisions of the pinnae, the leafy bits on the frond). Or are they sori from the same specimen? I don’t see any three-dimensionality to them so maybe they aren’t sori. Either way, maybe Oligocarpia which is a true fern since I can’t think of a Pteridospermatophyte with pinnules and no Pteridospermatophyte has sori. If these are separate specimens, it would be great if you could make them two separate specimens by deleting one and reuploading it as a separate post. If all of these are the same specimen, I’ll need to rethink my ID.

    • they are 2 separate specimens I will repost wont let me delete photos. Thank you this great information!