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    Hi everyone! My fifth-graders will be examining the Titanoboa vertebrae and comparing it to one of today’s typical anaconda. They will fill out the presurveys this week as well as take a presurvey I created on google forms. We will make a bulletin board and work with 50 ft (a reasonable length of the snake) in our math classes as well. Finally, students will alter the .stl file to carve their name and print their very own fossil. Thanks!

    • Hi Shawn, there is no need for a Google form to implement the survey. I will send you a link with the correct platform shortly. Can you please give us dates for pre survey, implementation and post survey? Thanks,

    • Shawn, are you saying you created an additional pre-survey on Google Forms? Are you using it to understand what they know and don’t know about Titanoboa?

    • Hi guys! Yeah I made this quick presurvey, on the airplane ride back actually.

      So my plan is to give both presurveys during the week of 9/24/18. My actual lessons will start on Monday October 1st. We will do a fossil sort on Monday with more activities throughout the week. The goal will be to print 2 vertebrae a day on each of the two 3D printers, so that we would be done printing individual student edited vertebrae by Halloween. We finish though the week on October 5th with a Chat With A Scientist Google Hangout with Jeanette on Friday.