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    • Hello everyone,

      Its a pleasure to part of this group and I am honored.
      1. I was born in Mexico City and I found my first fossil in Veracruz. It was a beautiful spiral shell.
      2. I teach in Santa Cruz at Gault Elementary. I have taught third grade for 4 years.
      3. I find the idea of people studying the history of the genetic pool of past Earths fascinating and I really look forward to learning from all of the group and with the experience in the field.
      4. I think I would like hear ideas from expert on how to create a lesson that includes an engineering standard and bring that into the classroom.
      5. I would like to also learn how to find a place with the probability of fossils. What do scientist look for in the sediment. Where do you get records of the the sediment.

      • Thanks for joining us Isai! Engineering standards can be difficult at first, but I believe that this experience will help you figure out how to incorporate them. Understanding the stratigraphy of a site is also important. My lab mate, @smoran can do a better job at explaining how to find fossils, based on the visible sediment.