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    3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Unknown . It appeared to be embedded in a large rock beside a creek but peeled off.
    Newmarket , Ontario, Canada.

    • This is not a fossil unfortunately, but not sure exactly what it is. What’s the texture like? I’m thinking it is either old lichen or maybe some man-made substance

    • @mason-hintermeister thanks again for the identification. It is a very strange texture, I can’t really think of anything to compare it to? Perhaps a thin slice of tree bark that looks like rock kind of and is able to bend and flex quite a bit before cracking off?. . 🤔

    • @steve-korroll interesting, I think old, dried lichen is most likely unless there is human activity around

    • Thanks again @mason-hintermeister . As I looks more I thought Perhaps it is just some plaster like material with shoe tread marks imprinted because of the strange designs/patterns/shapes? Maybe It peeled off because it was very hot that day (+30 degrees Celsius). ? The creek was human made, but about 30 years ago.