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    What is this. Found by a spring.

    • Greetings @tammy-mcwilliams ! This appears to be ironstone or another ferruginious rock.

    • thanks. did you see the other pics of this just at different angles?

    • I’ve seen all the pictures and agree with matthew-gramling. Ironstone or similar, not a fossil.

    • bummer was hoping that was my meal ticket. why doe it look like it has a lot of different animals in it? just curious.

    • There are a lot of psuedofossils out there. What you are seeing is probably different weathering, either the rock formed with hard and soft spots that weather differently, or it’s been against a surface that caused it to weather in different patterns. Weathering does crazy stuff, from hoodoos to wonderstone.

    • @corinne-daycross is absolutely right. It’s surprising how erosion can make such convincing pseudofossil at times.

    • almost every rock I pick up in this same area look as if they have something in them. some even have actual feathers in them. this particular rock came from the center of a rock. the rock that had been dropped and it busted open and this was in the center. im just very confused. there is also an abundance of shark teeth in this same area.

    • Looks like ironstone which is often mistaken for a fossil as its color varies within the rock and often takes on weird shapes.