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    Terry White has contributed specimen mFeM 97149 to myFOSSIL!

    • Greetings @terry-white ! Your specimen appears to be a bivalve or brachiopod.

    • Do you have any location data on where the specimen was collected? It could help with an ID.

    • It was found in NW Arkansas on the shoreline of Beaver Lake in the Ozark Plateau.

    • Greetings @terry-white ! Beaver Lake is large and with a lot of a diverse geochronology ranging from the formations ranging from the early Ordovician to the Mississippian epoch. There are at least 5 formations at least around its shoreline. All are from the Paleozoic, so we can at least conclude that your specimen is most likely an external mold of a spiriferid brachiopod. You could download the app Rockd and enter your location and find the formation that corresponds to its collection location. Alternatively, if your feel comfortable sharing the info you could go to the edit specimen tab and add the GPS coordinates under location data.

    • That is if you are looking for more specific info.

    • @matthew-grambling Been busy with life and just now getting back to this. I wanted to thank you for information. Very informative and helpful. I input the coordinates for this one. But in the future my post will be better thanks to your help.