• Thijs Verbeke posted a new specimen. 1 year, 11 months ago

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    Thijs Verbeke has contributed specimen mFeM 78993 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi @thijs-verbeke , the photos on this one are a little blurry. Do you think you could upload some more images? From what I can see, the tooth looks like a hammerhead shark, genus Sphyrna, but perhaps some more photos will help to be certain. @bill-heim what are your thoughts on this one?

    • @vperez, weird on my phone they look pretty good with visible serrations. I can however assure you this is a Cretaceous Anacoracid tooth. It got it from the person who Found it together with Cretolamna from the same location. I don’t know why it appears blurry however.

    • I can see Anacoracid but it needs a closer, better image to ID as to exactly what it is. I’ll look into it. Also it is not 1 CM wide

    • Looking through the research there is a lot of chaos over the early species of Squalicorax. The type specimen of S. falcatus (Agassiz) from England doesn’t match the North American commonly used S. falcatus from the mid-continental seaway. This tooth best fits the original (Agassiz) illustration of S. falcatus.