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    Thijs Verbeke has contributed specimen mFeM 80082 to myFOSSIL!

    • Nanotyrannus and juvenile T-Rex teeth are very similar. Nanotyrannus teeth (other than anteriors) have a rectangular shape when viewed from the bottom, T-Rex are more oval. The enamel and dentine combination on T-Rex are thicker than Nano (again viewed from the bottom). With these teeth a bottom view is necessary.

    • @bill-heim, excuse me. I must have missed this comment. I added a picture of the base. Not easy but if it’s not a good one let me know and I’ll add another one.

    • Looks like a juvenile T-Rex. Seems to have thick enamel and oval shape. However, I want to say that I am not positive on the ID.

    • @bill-heim, I’ll add this tooth as cf. Tyrannosaurus rex? Does that sound as an acceptable ID?

    • Works for me. Tyrannosaur teeth from almost any species are almost impossible to tell apart.