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    • @tim-collins– what indicates ‘juvenile’ versus ‘adult’ in shark teeth? It can’t be size because there is variation in a single set of teeth, correct?

    • @jbauer You’re asking the wrong person, lol. That’s just what it was identified to me as when I was a kid, I believe by the purveyors of a local shop selling similar teeth in Venice.

    • @tim-collins – no problem we have others around that maybe can help. @vperez, any knowledge on this matter?

    • I would say the seller likely called it a juvenile based on size alone. Based on the tooth shape and symmetry, I would say this is likely an upper anterior tooth of Megalodon and, as you likely know, teeth of Megalodon can get much larger than this. Sometimes, juvenile teeth will retain lateral cusplets, but this is a variable feature. I actually have a paper related to that coming out in the beginning of March, so I can share that when it’s available. However, long story short, I would say this is likely from a younger individual just based on size, but there are no definitive features other than that to confirm it.

    • Thanks @vperez!