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    All Hebertella shown are Ordivician Found Dayton, Camden and Georgetown, OH

    • @tom-mcgovern check out the Ordovician Atlas: there are three species of Hebertella on there with nice images, location, and stratigraphic data. I also have a publication by a past lab mate on the evolutionary history of Hebertella if that is something that interests you. I will have to email it though so let me know if you want it! Thanks, Jen

      • I went to the ordivicianatlas and learned a little. The first 2 I presented appear to be occidentalis and frankfortensis but neither look like the 3rd photo. Anyone know have an idea about it? Don’t know about alveata. Saw a subjugata and a richmondensis mentioned but no photos.
        Does the publication include photos of specimens?
        Lastly…am I incorrect in thinking that a way to tell the different types apart is by the “central dent”