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    Egg? Any way to tell what it was from?

    • Where did you found it, because that can tell a lot.

    • My friend found it, he drives an excavator and tractor, it would have been within 10km of Salisbury in England , probably in a chalk areA, I can find out more, he found the other object I posted too

    • Our area is rich in chalk and flint

    • If it was found in a chalk layer I would guess it is some type of urchin. Chalk is made up of a bunch of very small marine organisms called coccoliths and they preserve fossils really well! I have seen many almost perfect urchins preserves in chalk. Notice the bumps/spots on the outside, if it is an urchin that would be where the spikes would be. A very interesting rock!

    • Can you post a photo of the top also?

    • I posted as new as I couldn’t see how to add pic, I ‘see’ stuff in my flint…. is there a site or book on in flint fossils? I have loads of fossil root holes in our Sarcen stone, worth posting ?