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    Hi All,

    My hope this year is to complete my two lessons on bird beaks/skulls.  I would need to know what species of fossils that are available at the museum for use by the second week of November.  Lesson one implementation will be before Christmas break and my second fossil lesson in January along with a Bird Beak Adaption Lab (which is the activity that my lesson idea stemmed from).

    My classroom is opened to anyone interested in viewing.



    • Hi Tredina, that sounds great. Have you looked what’s available at Digimorph?

      In the meantime, I will find out what we have here. It would be great if we can use some of the already scanned specimens to maximize time. I only have one bird activity and you mention 2. Can you please send me everything that you have, or any updated version? With that information, I will ask here and perhaps we can meet at some point with you to decide.

    • Hi Tredina, Mike and I have a meeting with ornithology curator, Dr. Dave Steadman, who will give us an overview of what we have in our collection in terms of birds. I am planning to video record this, so you can watch and we go from there. I will also ask him which specimens we could take to the classroom, etc…
      Please remember to send me an updated version of the 2 activities you mention. Thanks,

      • Hi Claudia, I look forward to viewing the talk. I won’t be able to update the 2 activities until I know what is available for classroom use. Once I have that information, then I will be able to design the activities. Best!