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    Here is the journal I think we should submit to as a lab. I would like to know who wants to be involved and and then, perhaps, we can schedule a meeting to figure out how we want to divide up the work?

    For those that weren’t in lab, the idea is that we would write a review paper on applications of 3D printing in paleontology education/outreach and research. The suggested format that we have in mind is that the review would be broken up into three parts:

    1. Specimen-based applications (scanning/printing fossils for lessons and/or research)

    2. Site-based applications (photogrammetry of field sites for lessons and/or research)

    3. Repositories (We use morhposource for catalogued specimens, myfossil for non-catalogued specimens, and sketchfab for field sites)



    • I’m happy to contribute-

    • I would love to help too!

    • Sounds like a great opportunity for all of use to collaborate and publish on the culmination of our individual projects! Moving forward, Victor and I discussed having a short meeting to strategize what each of our contributions would look like. This being said, would everyone have 30 minutes or so prior to or after our next Paleo Tutorial meeting (Monday, January 10th)? If not, I can send out a doodle poll, but since all the usual suspects (our lab) is meeting in one place for Paleo Lab I thought we could give this a shot. Let me know if this could work?
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