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    11 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi, @wayne-davey – are these all specimens from your collection? Could you add some comments with the rock unit or time period where you collected them?

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    Hi, @wayne-davey – what is this fossil? It appears to be rather small? My first impression was a trilobite fragment but that’s simply guess work! Do you have another image with a scale bar or a way to indicate the length of the longest axis?

    You can use macrostrat to narrow down on the rock type and name in the area:…[Read more]

    • Hi Jen

      Yes it is a silicified trilobite, and enrolled, again microscopic and also from Locality 2, Strasburg Va. I have yet to determine the species, it could be a Tretaspis. That’s only a guess. Immature specimens are hard to tell.


      The specimen is a juvenile, likely Merapsid

      • Wow! Thank you for sharing! I’ll have to get some of my arthropod friends to join myFOSSIL so they can help us narrow down these IDs. I know Rob Swisher was working on ontogenetic variation in trilobites not long ago but he has moved on to echinoids last I heard. I’ll try to touch base with him when I see him in Arizona next month.

        • You are very welcome Jen

          I’m a little rusty on the material from Strasburg. I tend to collect there in the Fall and work on it during the winter, it carries me through most of the bad weather days in the Winter.

          Most days, in all seasons I collect eurypterids and related material at Ridgemount Quarries in Fort Erie Ontario. They allow me…[Read more]