Bill Brosen

Bill Brosen

Dallas, Tx



Bill Brosen

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Dallas, Tx

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Originally from upstate Ny, where I started my obsession for all things Dinosaur at about 8 or 9 years old and never out grew that love. Lived in Mississippi for 21 years and hunted there extensively, and now live in Dallas, Tx, for about 4 years now, and hunt almost every weekend and other time off I can.

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I honestly prefer to hunt alone. I really do not like to participate in clubs  because I research my own sites, secure access myself, and hunt them myself, I actually enjoy the whole process and like that I have control over the success or failure to gain access and if i find anything or not. Canned fossil hunts Do not appeal to me. My hunts are also my “mental therapy”, my relaxation and a way to destress. I do like to share information though,to help others or get help myself, being amateur, I am always willing to learn from other amateurs or professionals, as well as share what little I know if i can help as well.

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