NAPC symposium “Celebrating public participation in paleontology”

Egg Mountain Paleontology Field Station: Integrating Science and Educational Outreach (Horner)

Partnering for posterity: Community collaboration in the furtherance of collections-based paleontology at Cincinnati Museum Center (Storrs, Hunda, & Meyer)

Using a volunteer army to help a small museum collect large vertebrate specimens (Cavigelli)

Engagement with the public and avocational paleontologists at the Calvert Marine Museum (Godfrey)

Partners in Paleontology: Successful synergies and collaborations between amateurs and professionals, illustrated by the University of Iowa Paleontology Repository, the Mid America Paleontology Society, and the Black Hawk Gem and Mineral Society (Adrain)

Avocational paleontologists and volunteers: Critical partners with the Non-vertebrate Paleontology collections at UT Austin (Molineux, McCall & Geigerman)

The Dallas Paleontological Society’s contributions to public participation in paleontology (Noell)

The Purpose and Function of Fossil Clubs – a Personal Perspective (McCall)

Where are the women and minority amateur paleontologists? A study of the development and characteristics of science hobbyists (Jones)

Public participation and collaboration in Colorado paleontology (Smith & Karim)

Paleo Quest: Accelerating science literacy, paleontological discoveries and museum collections through citizen science, outreach and novel field recovery methods (Osborne & Alford)

Stonerose Interpretive Center and Eocene Fossil Site: an integrative model at the crossroads of research, public outreach and community involvement (Sternberg)

Mineral Wells Fossil Park (Higginbotham)

The New Mexico Friends of Paleontology: A volunteer group committed to the advancement of paleontology in New Mexico (Morgan, Bednarski & Neely)

Engaging professionals and the public: Outreach efforts of the Friends of the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology (Clark)

SharkFinder: Advancing the understanding of evolution and diversity through a flexible, scalable citizen science program (Alford & Osborne)

Participation of K-12 teachers and students in paleontology: Factors impacting effectiveness and sustainability (Ross)

Digitizing paleontological collections for new audiences: Past practices and the potential for public participation (Hendy)

FOSSIL: A national network of fossil clubs and professional paleontologists in the U.S. (MacFadden)

Paleo Quest poster (Osborne & Alford)

Sharkfinder poster (Alford & Osborne)