National Fossil Day Notes

FOSSIL Kickoff Meeting

February 19, 2014

National Fossil Day Breakout Session


  • Additional Resources for National Fossil Day can be viewed here.

Resources We Have:

  • Fossil Kits – Paul provided some examples.
    • Include local fossils in each kit
  • National Park Junior Ranger Program
  • National Fossil Day website.
  • Local programs (not hosted in parks)
    •  these could take place in museums, schools, libraries, science cafés (all ages) or pubs (adults only), field trips with interpretation, post-event evaluation, ID days, paleoart activities, theater performances, fossil sand boxes, live chats with paleontologists, interactive activities.

Resources We Could Use:

  • Important to ‘Fish the Right Ponds’ with respect to promoting fossils/paleontology in the best audiences.
  • Videos are effective. Kids making statements about fossils/paleontology that start off with “I am…”, “I love…”, “My favorite…”
  • Partners
    • can a corporation like Starbucks get behind National Fossil Day?
    • grants might be sought from local agencies
      • (FOSSIL team might help with developing a template for getting funding).
  • MyFOSSIL needs to provide a page for resources for NFD, contacts, and communication tools.

Obstacles to Overcome:

  • Perception that it is a government event, or they have control over it
  • Funding
  • Evolution controversy in some parts of the country
  • Availability to appropriate age groups.

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