Outreach 1 (K-12/Scouts/4H)

FOSSIL Kickoff Meeting

February 19, 2014

Outreach 1 Breakout Session

General Outreach

• Field camps

• School programs

• Dino Days, annual fossil shows w/teacher programs, education, packs

• Fossil parks

• Teacher training workshops

• Rotating fossil collections to schools


• Depends on connections with teachers, schools

• Liability issues

• Politics (museum collections depts vs education staff)

To do

• Align with STEM standards

• Counselors for scout badges

• K – 5 resources in particular

• Link clubs with state teacher associations

• Clearinghouses

o Advisors (for badges, experts for teacher to contact)

o Lesson plans geared to teaching standards

o Control content location

o Local person contacts

o Access to fossils

o Get merit badges added back to scouts

• Get paleosoc.org resources out to teachers

• Club goals to collect for fossil boxes to accompany lesson plans

• Tap college geology clubs to go to schools (teaching experience for them and resource for teachers and students)

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