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Eleanor Gardner, FOSSIL Project Coordinator & Webmaster Email [email protected] Call (352) 273-1936 Florida Museum of Natural History 1659 Museum Road PO Box 117800 Gainesville, FL 32611-7800  

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General What is myFOSSIL? Who is behind myFOSSIL? What do you mean by “myFOSSIL is a social learning site”? Why am I being asked to provide consent for research with myFOSSIL? Connecting with Others How do I update my status? How do I add a friend? What’s a comment? How do I send a message […]

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Museum of the Rockies Field Camp This research-oriented program accepts volunteers during the summers. Volunteers dedicate at least three weeks of fieldwork, working in the Two Medicine, Morrison, and/or Hell Creek Formations of Montana. There is no fee for the program, although volunteers must provide their own transportation, camping gear and other relevant supplies. Food and […]


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These resources include information on museums, parks, and other places to find fossils. Are we missing a site? Leave us a comment and we will add it!   California   Museums Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Los Angeles, CA In the Dinosaur Hall, exacavate specimens, discover new dinosaurs you’ve never heard of, […]