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Field Opportunities:

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The Dinosaur Research Institute’s Dinotour

Calgary, AB


Dinotour 2020, August 7-10, 2020, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Learn about the dinosaurs of northern Alberta from world-renowned scientists Dr. Philip Currie and Dr. Eva Koppelhus (both from the University of Alberta), Darren Tanke (Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology) and experienced amateurs Sheldon Graber and Mona Marsovsky.

–     Tour the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum galleries, collections and preparation areas.

–     Excavate dinosaur fossils from the Pipestone Creek Bone Bed under the supervision of staff from the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.

–     Via jet boat, search for fossils along the shores of the Wapiti river with experts from the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.

–     Search for microfossils such as teeth, vertebrae and scales from dinosaurs, fish and reptiles using microscopes at the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.

–    Explore the Kleskun Hill Natural Area.

Contact Mona Marsovsky at [email protected]

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Dinosaur Journey: Dino Digs and Expeditions

Fruita, CO

About: Join the Museums of Western Colorado’s Paleontology Division at the Dinosaur Journey Museum as we explore and discover the richness of this region’s prehistoric past! More than just viewing sites, many of our expeditions are discovering new information about the ancient life forms that used to roam what is now Colorado and the American Southwest. The very popular dinosaur adventures include excavating, prospecting, hiking, rafting, touring, and prepping fossil specimens.

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In the Field with the Florida Museum

Gainesville, FL

About: The Division of Vertebrate Paleontology has at least one fossil collecting session per year that uses volunteer assistance. This will generally be during the drier and cooler times of the year; spring and/or fall. Age limits and physical requirements will vary depending on the conditions at the particular fossil site we are working.

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Bighorn Basin Paleontological Expedition Crew Member

Red Lodge, MT

About: Ever dream of hunting dinosaurs? The Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute offers an exciting opportunity to work alongside scientists in the fossil-rich & rugged landscapes of southern Montana and northern Wyoming. If you are interested in an unforgettable adventure – truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience – then read below to find out how you can become an Expedition Crew Member!

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Montana Dinosaur Dig – Adult Field Program

Malta, MT

About: When was the last time you found yourself in a landscape so quiet that the only sounds came from birds? Have you ever seen the land so vast that the horizon stretched off for 100 miles? Eastern Montana is truly Big Sky Country and home to countless dinosaur specimens. Finding them, digging them up, and transporting them to the museum takes extraordinary time, energy, and funds. Without the physical help and financial aid of interested paying participants, these unique summer programs would not be possible.

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Museum of the Rockies Field Camp

Bozeman, MT

About: This research-oriented program accepts volunteers during the summers. Volunteers dedicate at least three weeks of fieldwork, working in the Two Medicine, Morrison, and/or Hell Creek Formations of Montana. There is no fee for the program, although volunteers must provide their own transportation, camping gear and other relevant supplies. Food and tools are provided. Research at the field sites is led by museum staff and graduate students.

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Judith River Dinosaur Institute Field Program

Billings, MT

About: For more than 25 years the Judith River Dinosaur Institute (JRDI) has provided the very best in educational paleontological field programs available to the general public. The programs were originally designed with educators in mind and remain more suited for adults. They are by no means a “Summer Dino Camp” for kids. However, it can make all the difference in the life of a young adult who believes that he or she wants to pursue a career in earth sciences. In that way, we encourage mature, serious-minded young adult students (ages 13 to 17) to join us with their parent or a legal guardian. Older young adults (ages 18 and up) may come on their own. Please read the details on the dig applications regarding medical conditions.

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North Dakota

The Marmarth Research Foundation Dinosaur Field Expeditions

Marmarth, ND

About: The Marmarth Research Foundation (MRF) is conducting field research and accepts applications from volunteers to assist with the project. MRF is unique in that it provides the opportunity to learn both field and preparation techniques.

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South Dakota

Hill Creek Fossils – The Dig

Rapid City, SD

About: Each field season we offer the opportunity for you to join our dig. Unearth the full paleontological dig experience, from discovery to preparation in our field lab. You will prospect for fossils and learn to use proper scientific field techniques—having the opportunity to be the first to lay eyes and hands on the fossilized remains of an animal that has not walked this earth in over 66 million years.

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PaleoAdventures – Dinosaur Dig Site Adventure

Belle Fourche, SD

About: Take your family on an adventure that they will never forget; a trip to the remote badlands of South Dakota in search of dinosaur bones. ALL TOOLS AND TRAINING ARE PROVIDED and yes, unlike many other trips you may keep some of the common fossils that you find. Commercially significant” fossils like T. rex teeth, and more complete Triceratops and Edmontosaurus bones can also be purchased for an additional fee if you like. “Scientifically significant” pieces are reserved for museums only.

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The DIG Field School

Seattle, WA

About: The Discoveries in Geosciences (DIG) Field School connects K-12 teachers with real scientists from the University of Washington and the Burke Museum. Teachers and paleontologists work side by side to investigate the extinction of dinosaurs and the rise of mammals at an active research site in Montana. After the Field School, the DIG helps teachers translate their experiences and bring real science into their classrooms. Teachers also have access to ongoing professional development and teaching resources as well as the DIG Box, a traveling “mini-museum” that includes fossils and lesson plans.

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Tate Dinosaur Digs

Casper, WY

About: The Tate Geological Museum at Casper College in Casper, WY, offers summer dinosaur dig experiences each year. These paleontology trips offer fun, educational experiences to the public while building up the museum’s collections for display and/or research. Most years, expeditions are led to the Meadow Ranch in eastern Wyoming, digging in the late Cretaceous Lance Formation. We have been collecting on this ranch for twelve years and still have a lot to do there. The trips are run by Tate’s field operations and prep lab manager, JP Cavigelli. JP’s expertise has led to his participation in numerous paleontological expeditions throughout the West as well as in Niger, Mongolia, and Tanzania.

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Summer Camp & K-12 Experiences:


Dinosaur Ridge Summer Camp

Morrison, CO

About: Our weekly day camps for 6-13 year-olds foster excitement and wonder for science, art, and the outdoors while engaging in our hands-on educational curriculum. In each session, campers explore the Dinosaur Ridge fossil sites, local museums, and natural areas. We have brand new camp themes and extended hours this summer. Purchase a Summer Camp Gift Certificate for part or all of the registration fee and gift a week of outdoor adventure, science and fun!

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Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History – Dinosaur Detectives Summer Camp

New Haven, CT

About: Our longest running and most popular camp! We’ve put together an incredible week for our youngest age group focusing on dinosaurs and other cool prehistoric creatures. Through an introduction to actual fossils from our paleontology collection, hands-on activities, arts and crafts, games, and explorations of the Museum and beyond, children will discover why dinosaurs are so captivating, and why birds are now considered to be living dinosaurs!

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Florida Museum Summer Camps – Fossil Fever

Gainesville, FL

About: Enjoy Summer Camps at the Museum! Camps create lasting friendships and memories through hands-on, minds-on activities and exploration. Unearth fossils, learn about different cultures and meet fascinating members of the animal world. Camps are designed for students enrolled in grades 1-4 for the 2018-2019 school year. Nature Photography is for grades 5-6. Lep Camp is for grades 5-8. Students should dress for outdoor activities and full-day students should bring a sack lunch.

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Stones and Bones University of Chicago Summer Program for High School Students

Chicago, IL

About: Join the Field Museum’s Distinguished Service Curator, Lance Grande, for a four-week intensive practicum in paleontology in Chicago and Wyoming. Go into the field and behind the scenes at The Field Museum to learn how fossils are collected, analyzed, and conserved, as you work alongside museum scientists in the lab and in the field.

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Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science Summer Academy Camps

Hays, KS

About: The Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS) is the state’s premier early college program for high school juniors and seniors. The Academy was established by legislative action in 2006 by SB139 and is designed to promote STEM education.

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New Jersey

GEO Explorers Summer Day Camp at Edelman Fossil Park at Rowan University

Sewell, NJ

About: Children ages 7-12 are invited for an exploration into Earth’s deep past at Edelman Fossil Park’s first GEO Explorers Summer Day Camp. Embark on a voyage of discovery with Rowan scientists to discover how the fossil quarry in Mantua Township may hold clues to the mysteries of dinosaur extinction. Examine fossils discovered at the research site, including 65-million-year-old marine crocodiles, sea turtles, sharks and mosasaurs. Receive an authentic Field Guide where you will log your field experiences daily. Engage in workshops to learn about fossils, rocks, sediments and plant life native to this region. Descend into the fossil quarry where you will dig for (and take home!) your own fossil specimens alongside Rowan paleontologists in an adventure of a lifetime.

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New York

Summer Day Camps at Penn Dixie

Blasdell, NY

About: Children ages 8 to 13 discover the natural sciences through five different camps that emphasize hands-on learning, outdoor fun, and teamwork.

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Akron Fossils & Science Center – Dinosaur Adventure Camps!

Copley, OH

About: Our camp is designed for children in K-8th grade. Our camp counselors are preparing to kick off our “Dinosaur Adventure Camps” this summer! We have many new crafts, games and snacks for the campers to enjoy.

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Cleveland Museum of Natural History – Fossil Adventure Camp

Cleveland, OH

About: Our summer camps are the perfect place for your child to discover something new or to continue exploring their passion for science and nature. Through an array of high-quality camps for children in grades K through 12, our experienced educators will guide your child through exciting learning experiences. Campers can be enriched at the arts and cultural gems of University Circle, conduct hands-on science experiments, get closer to nature on outdoor adventures and explore the Universe.

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Gray Fossil Site & Museum Paleo Summer Camp

Johnson City, TN

About: Paleo-Camp allows children to explore paleontology in the field and lab at the 5-acre Gray Fossil Site, as well as the museum and education center. Campers will dig at the fossil site to find fossils, rocks and minerals; wet-screen for micro-fossils, identify them in the lab and make casts of bones. Each camp section will also have additional age-appropriate activities.

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McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture – Jurassic Kids Camp

Knoxville, TN

About: Scientific inquiry in activities, stories, make-and-take projects about dinosaurs and our permanent exhibition, Geology and Fossil History of Tennessee.

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Burke Museum Summer Camps

Seattle, WA

About: For an experience your kids won’t forget, check out the Burke’s exciting camps held each year during mid-winter, spring and summer breaks. Campers participate in hands-on investigations, behind-the-scenes tours, and visits with real scientists—all while having fun at the museum and on the beautiful University of Washington campus.

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Wyoming Dinosaur Center – Kids’ Dig Day

Thermopolis, WY

About: If you’re looking for a “real-life adventure,” join us on the dig site hunting for dinosaur bones. Our Dig For A Day Program appeals to all ages, from young children to active senior citizens. Participants dig in the bone bed to discover leg bones, tailbones, ribs and claws, and complete skeletons. Individuals and families are welcome. A parent or legal guardian must accompany small children and young people under age 18.

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