Paper: Science in K-5

♦ SUMMARY: Science traditionally has been underrepresented in K-5 teaching and learning. The reasons for this are multifaceted, including emphasis on core skills of reading, writing, and math learning, but also the lack of teachers with appropriate science training. With the changing national standards – especially NGSS – science is gaining traction in K-5. The attached report, which covers K-8, is published by the National Academy of Science.

♦ AUDIENCE: K-8, Elementary School, Middle School, Kindergarten, First (1st) Grade, Second (2nd) Grade, Third (3rd) Grade, Fourth (4th) Grade, Fifth (5th) Grade, Sixth (6th) Grade, Seventh (7th) Grade, Eighth (8th) Grade, Teachers

♦ TOPICS/THEMES: STEM, Science, Education Politics

♦ INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the link below to access the poster of the lesson. Please contact the author with any questions.

NAS K8 education

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