The FOSSIL Project Surpasses 1000 Followers on Facebook

Facebook_like_thumb-copyBy Lisa Lundgren

Since the FOSSIL Project’s Facebook page started in October 2013, we’ve steadily increased our readership, all the way up to—as of December 27, 2014—1,110 FOSSIL Project Facebook followers!

Over 1,000 likes on a Facebook page is a pretty good number, and we are grateful to all of our followers who like, comment and share our Facebook stories. If you have visited our Facebook page, perhaps you noticed that we often find research from open-access journals so our followers can see the new research that occurs in the paleontological world.

By the way, we measure the popularity of our stories by counting the number of people who click the like button on posts, comment on the posts or share them. So if you are on our page and find a post interesting, let us know by commenting, liking and sharing the post!

The story that generated the most interest recently was a discussion of the link between turtles and dinosaurs through genetic sequencing. The research showed that turtles are most closely related to birds, crocodiles and dinosaurs, creating a new group called Archelosauria.

Besides the open-access journals articles, we also post stories that we think will interest you, our FOSSIL Project collaborators. For instance, our followers showed interest in a post we created which detailed an iDigBio/ScNet webinar called “Small Fish in a Big Pond: Lessons Learned in Digitizing a Small Paleontology Collection.” We are constantly searching for new content for the Facebook page, so if you have an event, story or research that you think should go on our page, please post on our Facebook wall or email us at [email protected].

Thanks for helping us get to 1,000 followers! Please continue to like, comment and share with us.

Additional information:

Turtles and dinosaurs: Scientists solve reptile mysteries with landmark study on the evolution of turtles

The iDigBio/ScNet webinar was recorded and can be found on the Small Collections Network website.