Training & Webinars (How & Who)

FOSSIL Kickoff Meeting

February 19, 2014

Training & Webinars Breakout Session

General Videos (endorsed by pros)

Club produced Training:

  • Safety–internal training with local information
  • Upload lectures with permission of lecturer

MyFOSSIL produced Training:

  • Collecting
  • Field ethics
  • Preservation
  • Preparation

Technology Needs:

  • Downloadable
  • Mulit-media-PDF, video, written content
  • If clubs have feedback
    • Q & A
    • contact info

Other Thoughts:

  • Specialists database (LinkedIn style)
  • Webinars


  • 4 out of 8 in the discussion currently have the level of access needed to record, hold a webinar, complete internet-centered trainings
    • Solution: record for later watching

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