Valentine’s Day Challenge

By Jennifer Bauer and Mary Jane Hughes

The initial challenge prompted by Sadie.



For this year’s Valentine’s Day, the FOSSIL Project’s social media team held a competition to see who could produce a Valentine that garnered the broadest reach and highest engagement on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

The social media team includes Sam Ocon, Mary Jane Hughes, Rich Bex, MacKenzie Smith, Jen Bauer, and Sadie Mills. Each team member was invited to participate in their platform of choice, so not all Valentines were shared across our social media channels. We have since collected them all into a Facebook album, which you can click here to explore.




Sadie’s paleobotany poem won the greatest reach of all our Valentines. This tweet was seen by 22,972 people and had 402 engagements (clicks, likes, shares).

Rich’s ‘copro-lite of my life’ post on Facebook had the greatest engagement rate. His post reached 5,426 people and had 326 engagements – indicating an engagement rate of just over 6%. This means that 6% of the people that saw the post interacted with it!

A paleobotany valentine:
Roses are brown
Violets are brown
They’re all brown
They are fossil flowers



We hope your Valentine’s Day didn’t stink!
And remember that there’s no such thing as a crappy fossil! Check out the myFOSSIL App or to share your fossil finds or see what other people are finding.



Thank you to all of our followers who helped make this contest so much fun!


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