Webinar Presentations (Slide Shows)

Please feel free to look at these presentations, but if you wish to use any of the information contained in them, be sure to get permission first!

Fall 2016 Webinar Series – Fundamentals of Fossils

Jayson Kowinsky’s August 31st Webinar: jaysonkowinsky-webinar-ppt

Bruce MacFadden’s September 29th Webinar: field-notes-101-final

Dava Butler’s October 19th Webinar: excavating-fossils-presentation-dava

Rachel Narducci’s November 30th Webinar: fossil-prep_final


Spring 2017 Webinar Series – Women in Paleontology

Tara Lepore’s January 25th Webinar: WiP-taralepore

Brenda Hunda’s February 22nd Webinar: WiP Webinar_BrendaHunda

Cindy Lockner’s March 29th Webinar: WiP Webinar-Cindy

Lisa White’s April 26th Webinar: WiP Webinar_Lisa White

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